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SWA member Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf shares a recent interview with New Blood Art

A Day in the Studio of Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf: "When it comes to myself, I feel I can be completely free with the way I treat the image, because after all I am free to do with myself and my image as I please. There is something liberating about this artistically speaking."

In this series we chat to NewBlood artists, finding out more about their practice, what makes them tick, and what we’re looking forward to seeing from them in the future.

This week’s artist is Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, a NewBlood Art Master, meaning she’s been with us as her career has progressed successfully over the years. Rebecca’s work has a distinct focus on the female form, working between different media to create images that draw from contemporary life whilst participating in the archetypical. Read on via the blog (link in bio) to hear about the liberation the artist experiences using her own image in her work, thoughts on the relation between painting and digital processes, and Rebecca’s new studio in Lisbon.

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