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If you would like to SUBSCRIBE to the SWA please select from below which best describes your interest:


The exhibition is open to Non-members and Members of the SWA. 


Private View         

The Society is delighted that the 159th Exhibition will be officially opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent (TBC) on Wednesday, 23rd September at 11am. Please collect private view invitations on receiving day for yourself and your guests or use the digital version emailed to exhibitors. 


The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1 where the Society will show in the Main, North Galleries and the Threadneedle Gallery. Handing in will take place at the administrative offices of the Mall Galleries, 17 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5BD. Parking is available on meters in Carlton House Terrace and Waterloo Place.  


Exhibitions Demonstrations 2020

  • To be confirmed


There are many prizes to be awarded at the 2020 Exhibition. The SWA would like to thank our kind sponsors once again for there generosity. Details of 2019s awards and sponsors can be found here.



Information below for Non members to enter the Exhibition. Members will recieve information directly either by email and/or post.

A PDF file of all the information and Terms and conditions can be downloaded HERE

Online Pre-selection


Digital submission are open from the March 2020 and will close at noon on the 26th of June at  https://societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk.


To find out if you have been successful you will need to log back on to https://societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk on a date 3rd July.


Successfully selected works need to be delivered to the Mall, along with a print out of your online submission form on an A4 sheet on the 25th of July. Please do not use staples or tape on this form because it must be photocopied during processing. N.B Works that are digitally pre-selected are not automatically accepted for the exhibition.

Submitting digitally enables artists to submit works for initial consideration without transport and framing costs. If you do not want to submit digitally you can take or send the work on receiving days (Not Sculpture). This is on the 25th of July. You will need the entry schedule if you are not going through digital selection. ONLY use the entry schedule if you are not going through digital selection. 

Works delivered for selection must be exhibition ready, but with no fixings at all to the back because fixings damage other works when stacked. Details are available to you in our information and general terms on SWA website. Please do read them prior to entering.

ALL 3D Artwork

For 3D and Sculptural work, it is single stage digital submission/selection process only. Artists must go on line for results to the digital selection and for final selection results. If successful you will be contacted about timings for bringing work in.

Submission Fees for non-members is £16 per work payable at the time of registering online, or £8 per work for artists aged 35 or under. 

A list of successfully selected work will be put up on the SWA website on the 29th July (this date may change) Any work not selected must be picked up on the of 30st July.

Exhibition Dates
  • Online Submissions: 6th March – 26th June 2020 

  • Notification of Digital Selection (are ONLINE ONLY): 3rd July 2020 

  • Receiving Day for wall hanging works: Saturday 25th July 2020, 10am - 5pm

  • Selection Days: Sunday and Monday, 26th and 27th July 2020, 9.30am - 5pm

  • Notification of results of selection (are ONLINE ONLY): 29th July 2020, on the SWA website

  • Collection of unaccepted/ANH work: Thursday 30th July 2020, 10am - 5pm ONLY

  • Delivery of 3D work to the Mall: Monday 21st September 10 am – 1 pm TBC

  • Preview Evening: 22nd September  TBC

  • Private View: 23rd September, 10am to 8pm

  • Exhibition Open: Tuesday 22nd Sep to Sunday 27th September 10am to 5pm daily, closing at 1.00 on Sunday 27th September

  • Collection of unsold work: Saturday, 3rd October 10am - 5pm


Collection of unaccepted and ANH work

The SWA will publish a list of names and Registration numbers of the work(s) accepted on the SWA website on 29th July. If you are unable to check results on line please contact the Executive Secretary, in case you have to collect unselected or Accepted not hung work on 30th July. After this date you will have to contact Picture Post (see note 7, their commercial handling charges will apply).


Categories of work

Categories of work which are acceptable: painting, pastels, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, in all media; engraving, lithography, and ceramics, glass and metal not of a utilitarian nature. There are facilities at the Mall Galleries to exhibit smaller work.



We are delighted to announce once again our £2000 Special SWA Fine Art Award. Please see our website for a full lists of Awards and information on our wonderful sponsors. 


Young Artist 

The submission fee for young artists is reduced per work. Artists aged 35 or under should mark the top of their schedule with the letters YAA and date of birth to signify that they are eligible for the Young Artists categories.

info sheet.jpeg



New for 2020, members can submit artwork digitally.

Submission Procedure


Digital selection opens on the 6th March. You will be able to submit your work by following the link https://societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk/ there will be a £2 charge per works to cover the cost.

We do not automatically send emails to the selected artists. It is your responsibility to revisit the site on the specified selection Notification date 3rd July   and login to your account to find out if you have been selected. Works selected digitally will be hung*. 

Members work selected through digital selection must be brought in on the handing in day on 25th July 2020, please ensure you down-load and print off the selected form from the OESS system when you check back in.


You must bring this form when you hand in your work on the 25th. Please do not use the entry schedule you usually use. The Entry schedule can only be used by members not going through the digital selection. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT BECAUSE THIS FORM WILL INDICATE THAT YOUR WORK HAS BEEN THROUGH SELECTION ALREADY AND DOES NOT NEED TO GO THROUGH SELECTION AGAIN. 

Members will still have the option to just bring work in for selection on receiving day. This work will go through selection as usual.



*selectors and the hanging committee reserve the right not to hang work that does not look like or has been misrepresented in the images sent for digital selection. Works inappropriately framed may also not be hung. 


Exhibition Important Dates
  • Online Submission https://societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk/: 6th March – 26th June at MIDNIGHT

  • Artists Login to check Digital Results https://societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk/: 3rd July

  • Receiving Day for wall hanging works: 25th July, 10am - 5pm

  • Selection Days: Sunday and Monday, 26th and 27th July, 9.30am - 5pm

  • Notification of results of selection (ONLINE ONLY): 28th or 29th July, on the SWA website

  • Collection of unaccepted/ANH work: 30th July, 10am - 5pm ONLY

  • Delivery of 3D work to the Mall:  Monday 21st September 10 am – 4 pm 

  • Preview Evening: 22nd September  

  • Private View: Wednesday 23rd September, 10am to 8pm

  • Exhibition Open to the Public: 23rd September (2pm until 6pm on the first day) then 10am to 5pm daily

  • Exhibition Closes: 27th September, closing time 1pm on Sunday

  • Collection of unsold work: Saturday, 3rd October 10am - 5pm

  • SWA AGM: Saturday 3rd October 1.30 for 2.00

info sheet.jpeg



These conditions apply to all exhibitions administered by the Exhibition Administrators. The term ‘Exhibition Administrators’ means The Society of Women Artists Ltd.

1. Submission Procedure The receiving day for digitally selected wall hung work and wall hung work that has not been through digital selection are printed on the previous page. PLEASE NOTE ALL 3 DIMENSIONAL WORK MUST BE SUBMITTED ON LINE (this will be a single stage submission process)

2. Digital Forms, Entry Schedule and Delivery of work. Works, together with the completed entry schedule or in the case of digitally selected work your pre populated form from the Malls https://societyofwomenartists.oess1.uk website,should be delivered to the administrative offices of the Mall Galleries at 17 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1. Works can only be accepted on the receiving day stated. Please make sure that the labels on work bear the same information as that on the form or schedule. Entering work for submission is to be taken as the unreserved acceptance of the entire contents of these conditions and those on the entry schedule/digital form. 

3. Submission Fees for non-members is £16 per work, or £8 per work in the case of young artists, irrespective of size or medium, to be paid at the time of delivery of work, if you have not been through online pre-selection. Cheques should be made payable to The Society of Women Artists. There are no hanging fees. 

4. Number of works & Membership A maximum of four works can be hung. Artists seeking election to Associate membership (ASWA) should submit six works (although a maximum of four will be hung) for consideration by the Selection Committee, which will not consider portfolios. Associate members will be eligible for election to full membership in the year following.

5. Size and Number of Works including sculpture only four works will be selected to be hung. The requested size on the schedule refers to the exterior frame size or, in the case of sculpture, the longest overall measurement. The maximum submission size for paintings and Sculpture is 182cm on the longest length. All works will be judged by merit but the number of works hung might be reduced if all works are of maximum size. Due to the restriction in space it may not be possible to hang every piece of members work.  



7. Collection of Works Unaccepted and ANH works must be collected on 30th July and only on this day. Accepted unsold works must be collected after the Exhibition on 5thOctober and only on these days.  The Society reserves the right to send into storage any works which have not been removed on time. All works (including artists OWN unsold cards) should be collected on the due dates from 17 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1, except in those cases where an alternative address is specified. Representatives of the artists must be able to produce an appropriate collection order or Registration number. Please note that works not collected will be collected by Picture Post Art for storage and will incur Picture Post’ Art's commercial handling charges of £18 per work for up to 90 days of storage after which the work will be disposed of. They will contact artists by email where possible, to agree a date to bring the work back to the Mall Galleries car park for collection by artists on a pre-arranged date. This means that artists can request Picture Post Art to redeliver any unaccepted and ANH work back to the Mall Galleries to consolidate with the collection of unsold work. Further info and contact details at the end.

8. Storage Charges Storage in any place shall, as stated previously, be on such conditions as the Exhibition Administrators shall think fit, but in any event shall be on terms which exempt the storer from all liability for the safe custody and care of the works for all charges and expenses incurred, and power to sell same in whole or part to defray expenses. The Exhibition Administrators can give no information or warranty as to storage charges made by any other person, firm or company.

9. Commission of 40% for Members and 45% for non-members will be charged by the Exhibition Administrators on the price paid for work or copyright bought from any exhibition or sold as a result of any exhibition or on commissioned work arranged through the Exhibition Administrators. Any sale effected by the Exhibition Administrators will have priority over a sale effected by the artist. Please note that artists liable to VAT are responsible for paying their own tax.

10. Frames and presentation All pictures must be securely framed. Frames should be stout enough to accept mirror plates (supplied and attached by the Mall galleries) at the back for hanging purposes. There should be no hanging hooks or any projections whatsoever from the back of the frames. This is to prevent damage to other works in stacking and also because mirror plates hold the work tight against the wall and projections could bend the frame and cause damage. Frames and mounts of unusual colour, size or design may prejudice the chance of hanging

         •       Metal frames are not admissible.

         •       Glazed works with unprotected glass edges are not admissible.

         •       Only newer forms of Non reflective glass are acceptable.

         •       Well presented box canvases are acceptable.


11. Etchings and original printmaking Original unique printing is acceptable, Etchings must show their plate indentations. Commercially printed line work or photographically/digitally reproduced work printed with commercial machines (such as giclée work) is not admissible.

12.  Sale Price of Work The price of works stated on the entry schedule should include the commission of 40%. All work must be for sale, except that work which has been commissioned. Sale prices for works must not be fixed at below: £350 for all hanging works, £150 for framed etchings or lithography or drawings, £350 for 3D works. Please check your pricing carefully on the forms and the label.

13.  Labels The sales catalogue is compiled from the Forms and entry schedule, but please complete the/check labels 

carefully and attach to the back of the picture frame or to the base of a 3D work. Please use tag labels for 3D work.

14.  Commercial carriers should deliver works to 17 Carlton House Terrace. Works must be presented with individual form or entry schedules and submission fees if not previously paid on line. Carriers will need to inform artists of their Submission Ref Numbers once delivered in order to check acceptance.

15.  Press Photographs Unless otherwise stated in writing by the artist, works exhibited may be photographed for Press purposes in connection with the Exhibition.

16.  Copyright of all works, other than commissioned work, remains the property of the artist. Any enquiries for copyright will be referred to the artist.

17.  Care of Works The Exhibition Administrators will not be liable for any damage or loss of works sent for exhibition occurring in the ordinary course of handling, whether such damage or loss is caused by the negligence of the Exhibition Administrators or their staff or otherwise. The Society of Women Artists strongly advises artists to insure their own works.

18.  Notification of sale of work If work in the Exhibition has been sold, exhibitors will be notified by email by the 27th September. 

19.  Invitations and flyers will be available for collection on the Receiving Day.  Should you need more please send an SAE C5 or larger with sufficient postage for your request to the Executive Secretary. 


(The Society of Women Artists will not be responsible for damage to or non-delivery of works) Information on VAT and UK entry procedures may be obtained from HM Customs and Excise General Information Branch, New King’s Beam House, 22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PJ. Some of the companies below give discount on quantity so if you get together with other artists to arrange one collection point, you may be able to save a lot of money and use minimal packaging.


Tom Challoner, Pengarth, Dame Lane, Misson, 

Doncaster DN10 6EB. 

Tel: 01302 711011 

Mobile: 07833 450 788


Visit the SWA website for a full list of pick up points. Doncaster to London with collections en route by Appointment, handing in to the Mall Galleries. Contact Picture Post Art for any quotations, reservations, studio collections, appointments or any other information about their collection service.


Dave Allen,

South Hams Express Transport & Consultancy

72 Upper Manor Rd, Paignton TQ3 2TJ

Mob 0750 204 1139 Tel 01803 551368

Email dave.allen500@btinternet.com

Visit the SWA website for a full list of pick up points.


Art Moves of Chelsea

Regular trips to Bristol where the van waits for

artists at RWE showground to bring work to be

transported to and from The Mall Galleries. Please

contact for details. Tel/fax: 020 7352 7492,


Crown Fine Arts, London

Tel: 020 77327610, uk@crownfineart.com

Crown Fine Art, Oxford

Station Road, Uffington, Oxfordshire SN7 7QD

Tel: 01367 820713 Fax: 01367 820504


John Lawrence based in Aberdeen

Tel: 0786 603 7217 or info@denburnantiques.com


Lincolnshire County Couriers

Unit 8, Inner Street, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31


Tel: 01476 593979 Fax: 01476 400098


Martin Bros. Ltd (Regular collections in South Wales,

Herefordshire, Shropshire & Southern England)

The Old Sawmills, The Street, Kilmington,

Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 6RG 

Tel: 01985 844144 

Fax: 01985 844113


Martinspeed Limited

Albert Yard, 7 Glasshouse Walk, London SE11 5ES

Tel: 020 7735 0566 Fax: 020 7793 0137


Van Man Transport

Unit 5, Bentridge Business Park, Holyrood Close,

Creekmoor, Poole, Dorset, BH17 7DD

Tel: 01202 600012 Mobile: 07860 210121 

Please ensure if you are using a courier company, they will be able to supply you with the registration number of your work the day after it has been handed in. This number is used by artists to check if their work has been accepted or not. This information will be on line on the 29th July 2020 and unselected work will need to be collected on the 30th July 2020.



Award winners gallery of work will be shown soon after they have been awarded.

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