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The list below is the definitive list of works selected for this years exhibition at the Mall Galleries. It was incredibly hard to select with so many exceptional works submitted.  Thank you so much for all of your entries. YAI Student works can be found at the end of the main list.
If your name appears below please click here for delivery instructions of the named work

Zahra Akbari Baseri          Gulbarine
Zahra Akbari Baseri          Zephyr
Eugenia Alekseyev            Afternoon Respite: A Glimpse into Highgate Pantry
Alison Allum                     Sugar Coated
Alison Allum                     Purgatory
Jane Andrews                   Defiant
Jane Andrews                   After Apnea
Laura Arenson                   Its A Story About A Little Girl Who Was Scared
Laura Arenson                   And Then I Broke Free From The Golden Cage
Rachel Arif   ASWA            View of Darent Valley
Rachel Arif   ASWA            Hope
Rachel Arif    ASWA           Moon over Aldeburgh II
Michele Ashby  SWA, PS    P291 Tracey Emin
Michele Ashby  SWA, PS    P15-1247 Augusta Savage.jpg
Michele Ashby  SWA, PS    P394 Louise Bourgeois
Michele Ashby  SWA, PS    P15-1816 Alice Neel
Michele Ashby  SWA, PS    P7737 Faith Ringgold.jpg
Michele Ashby  SWA, PS    P485 Yayoi Kusama.jpg
Victoria Atkinson                Siren
Tanya Avchinnikova            Surface 6. Cornwall
Tanya Avchinnikova            Surface 8. Cornwall
Debbie Ayles                     Urban Jungle
Alex  Ayliffe                       Boatyard
Sarah Baggaley                 To the Spoon and Back
Helen Bainbridge               Finch II
Louise  Baldwin                  Temporary Condition 10
Jennie  Bambury                 Bologna Street
Kathy Barker SWA             A Gentleman
Kathy Barker SWA             Skateboarder
Rebecca Barnard               Street Life (Reflection 2)
Edith Pargh Barton             Weaving Through the Night
Edith Pargh Barton             Coastal Breeze
Judith Barton SWA             Crime and Punishment
Amanda Bates                   Trees on a Dry Stone Wall
Kate Beagan                     A Shift in the Day
Kate Beagan                     Autumn Opens Her Door
Catherine Beale SWA        Woodland light
Catherine Beale SWA         Joanna in the RWA Drawing School
Julia Alexandra Beer MFA    L'Ange Pénitente
Ange Bell                           Chia
Luisa Beltrán                        Exhausted
Kate Bentley RI, SWA           Shikomi (Preparation).
Kate Bentley RI, SWA            'When you're a Girl'.
Kate Bentley RI, SWA             Kimono Robe by Mother Nature.
Chrissie Birchall PVPSWA            Kitchen table
Chrissie Birchall PVPSWA            Ready for Lunch
Anne Blankson-Hemans    SWA    Socially Enterprising i
Anne Blankson-Hemans    SWA    Socially Enterprising ii
Anne Blankson-Hemans    SWA    Serene Saxophone
Anne Blankson-Hemans    SWA    Saxophone Serenade
Ann Blockley RI, SWA                 Deer in the covert
Jenny Blount                               My Aunts Backbone
Diana Boanas ASWA                 Charity Shop Glasses. Sloe Gin
Diana Boanas ASWA                 Charity Shop Glasses. Green teapot
Diana Boanas ASWA                 Charity Shop Glasses . Two miniature white
Alex Boardman                          Self Portrait, Village Hall Antichamber, 6 Dec 2023
Louise Bougourd                         Raspberry Ripple and Suncream
Louise Bougourd                         Long Days and Ambre Solaire
Tina Braddock                            Docs and Stripey Socks
Dianne Branscombe                    Rose after the Rain
Jane Bridger SWA                    Lemon Blossom Moon Jar
Jane Bridger SWA                   Orange Blossom Shards Vessel
Angela Brittain SWA                Sisters
Angela Brittain SWA                My Kind of Music
Angela Brittain SWA                Flower Thieves
Arabella Brooke SWA              Angel
Arabella Brooke SWA             Creation Stories II
Arabella Brooke SWA             Warrior I
Olga Brown                           Phantasmagorical
Kaija Bulbrook SWA                City lights
Kaija Bulbrook SWA                Highlighs
Christy Burdock                     Greggs
Carol Burns                   The Universe Stretched and Untangled
Carol Burns                    The Quality Of The Echo Is Very Strange
Jill Burridge                   Fallen Angel
Keziah Burt                  Climbing the Walls
Abigail Burton              Sharp
Caroline Canessa          Pears & Stripes
Jill Carter                     The Untold Story
Cristina Celestini           Not so blue II
Meryl Chhabra            Myriam
Emma Chi                     The Goat, The Fool and The Golden Dancer
Trish Claridge SWA        Rosebowl
Shiquerra Clarke            Her
Patricia Clements SWA    Sunflowers and Lemons
Patricia Clements SWA    Year of the Dragon still life
Julie Collins SWA           Daedalus
Julie Collins SWA            Better than Blue
Julie Collins SWA            I'll bring you flowers in the pouring rain
Julie Collins SWA            The best day of my life
Marjorie Collins SWA    Tulips in the Breeze
Thérèse Cooper        They Soon Saw They Have Something in Common
Jill Craft        Rush Hour in Mumbai
Laura Cramer        Gathering Heather
Julie Cross        The Power of Woman
Julie Cross        Peacock
Jeanne Crosse        Yellow Sunhat
Lesley Dabson        Lunch at La Cage Imaginaire
Lesle Dabson        Blossom on Flask Walk
Toni Dade        Exploded
Philomena Davidson    PPRSS RWA SWA    Teasels by the lake Chartwell
Philomena Davidson    PPRSS RWA SWA    Chartwell Gardens
Maureen Davies    SWA    Devon Sun
Maureen Davies    SWA    October Sun
Julie Davis        Bread and Butter on Gaudy Welsh
Diana Dawson        Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Estelle Day    SWA    Miniature self portrait in studio
Estelle Day    SWA    Falling
Estelle Day    SWA    Tethered
Karen de la Gorce    ASGFA    The Artist Wife, The Artist Daughter, The Artist
Caroline de Peyrecave    SWA    Bryony
Daisy Denning    SWA    Giulia
Daisy Denning    SWA    Miriam
Kate Domash        Paros dusk, I
Kate Domash        Paros
Bernadette Doolan    SWA    My Party, my rules
Bernadette Doolan    SWA     Princess me
Bernadette Doolan    SWA    Bling is a thing
Denise Doran        Summer Teatime
Denise Doran        Walkies
Anna Dowd        Bombweed
Camilla Dowse        The Barber Shop II
Camilla Dowse        All Saints and Fairview (study)
Rachel Ducker    SWA    Dancer
Rachel Ducker    SWA    Be Kind
Asya Dudko        The Secret Keeper
Asya Dudko        The Music of My Heart
Liz Dulley        Delivery Room
Bridget Dumper    SWA    Next Generation - Enchantment
Olivia Dunn    ASWA    Embroidered In Time
Olivia Dunn    ASWA    My Crown
Elizabeth Dyer        Patti Smith
Cherylene Dyer        Caesura
Belinda Eaton        Mathilde II
Margaret Eggleton    SWA SGFA    St Paul's in Perspective
Margaret Eggleton    SWA SGFA    LLoyds in Perspective
Sally Ellis        Drink Wine and Pick Dandelions
Hayam Elsayed        Innocence
Rosso    Emerald Crimson        Keliah in the golden chair
Annabel  Fairfax    SWA    Celebration
Annabel  Fairfax    SWA    Abstract Greens
Frances Featherstone        The Stuff Dreams Are made Of
Frances Featherstone        The Geometry of Love
Miranda  Fontaine    SWA    Dance 1
Miranda  Fontaine    SWA    Dulac Moon
Katie Forbes        Really Yellow Soup
Rebecca Foster        Sunday Afternoon in Blue
Jaana Fowler    PS    Blue Hook Tangle
Jaana Fowler    PS    Twin Forms
Soraya French    PPSWA SFP    Colourful Saris
Soraya French    PPSWA SFP    Cyclamen fusion
Soraya French    PPSWA SFP    Market day
Soraya French    PPSWA SFP    Red hot Tulips on Indian cloth
Vikky    Furse    SWA    Fear of War 1
Vikky    Furse    SWA    Fear of War 2
Steph    Garratt        Home Comforts
Suzanne    Gibbs    ASWA    Dementia Triptych
Issy    Gibbs        Felippe
Jane    Gibson    SWA    Slab Pot
Jane    Gibson    SWA    Fractured
Millie    Gleeson        Nostalgia
Leila    Godden        Blue Haze
Leila    Godden        Blue Skies Above
Sheila    Goodman    PS, SWA    Sun and Sand
Sheila    Goodman    PS, SWA    Huts in the Dunes, Hunstanton
Sheila    Goodman    PS, SWA    Path over the Dunes
Raina    Goran        A Little Piece of London
Raina    Goran        Charing Cross Station
Arina    Gordienko    SWA    Raindrops Whisper
Komachi    Goto        Hot Flush
Jo    Gray        Pablo
Jo    Gray        Beau
Sara    Gregory        Menopause - Rage
Caroline    Griffin        Studio Interior
Samantha    Guertin        Winter Colour
Rebecca    Guyver        Speak, See & Hear No Evil , it's My Nature
Rebecca    Guyver        Fruits of Her Labour
Han    Han        Self Portrait - Keep Calm And Carry On
Trudy    Harman        Stanley
Chloe    Harris    SWA    OFFICE BLOCK TEMPLE
Chloe    Harris    SWA    PORTO STREET
Chloe    Harris    SWA    JARDIN DO PALACIO
Deborah    Harrison        Ice Cream
Imogen    Hartridge        All Shapes and Sizes
Carmen    Havens        Young Buskers on a Break
Chrissie    Havers        Lewis Loch Horizon
Amy    Heath    SWA    I Know This Is My Dress
Amy    Heath    SWA    Garden
Amy    Heath    SWA    Rise Up
Nicki    Heenan        Shifting Tides
Nicki    Heenan        A Bridge to Cross
Kate    Henderson    SSA    The Journey
Deborah    Hercun        Southbank One
Carol    Hill    SWA RBSA    Reflections Cromford Canal, Derbyshire
Carol    Hill    SWA RBSA    Waiting for Spring
Lesley    Hilling        Las Canteras
Kaye    Hodges        Bedhead
Luisa    Holden    SWA    Rockface
Luisa    Holden    SWA    Windy Dune
Alexandra    Hon        The Matriarch
Sophie    Howard        The Infinite Shepherdess
Laura    Howarth    SWA    Dark Waters
Laura    Howarth    SWA    Wasteland
Dani    Humberstone    SWA    Colour Code Red
Dani    Humberstone    SWA    Origin: Green Apple
Dani    Humberstone    SWA    Klimt's Red Apple
Gail E    Hurst        Colours of Hockney
Aran    Illingworth    MSDC    Bag Lady
Catherine    Inglis    SWA    Portrait of Arleen - Artist
Tessa    Jane    SWA    Desiderata
Tessa    Jane    SWA    Conway
Tessa    Jane    SWA    It will shine out
Sue    Jelley    PPSWA    An Audience with Slash - Guns N` Roses
Sue    Jelley    PPSWA    Greek Odyssey II
Sue    Jelley    PPSWA    Tuileries Gardens
Jan lee    Johnson        The Shoes of Jackie Oh!
Justine    Johnson        Pink Moon
Pamela    Jones    SWA    Unknown Artist-Homage to Phyllida Barlow
Pamela    Jones    SWA    Self Portrait
Pamela    Jones    SWA    Discordia in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Maria    Kaleta        Liverpool Street Station, London.
Natalia    Kapchuk        Environmental Crisis
janet    Keith        In Winter
Jane    Kelly        Self Portrait 4 Ways
Roya    Khalili    SWA    Chant of the Liberators
Roya    Khalili    SWA    Keeper of Keys
Roya    Khalili    SWA    Patience
Sera    Knight    SWA    Busy Shopping
Sera    Knight    SWA    Towards the Lions
Sera    Knight    SWA    Buses, Taxis and Red Phonebox
Sera    Knight    SWA    Waiting for the Bus
Svetlana    Kornilova    ASWA    Valerchicks. Rubiks Cube
Svetlana    Kornilova    ASWA    Valerchicks. Summer Boy
Deborah    Kreczmer        You Give Me Joy
Paulina    Kwietniewska        Self Portrait at 32
Mary    Lace    SWA    Buds and Flower Heads
Mary    Lace    SWA    Roses for Jenny
Elizaveta    Larina        Portrait of Efim
Terri    Levine        Propagation
Yeside    Linney        Finding Inner Peace
Flo    Long        Chisom
Sharon    Low | Liu Guo Fei    SWA    Keep calm, drink milk I
Sharon    Low | Liu Guo Fei    SWA    Keep calm, drink milk II
Sharon    Low | Liu Guo Fei    SWA    Keep calm, drink milk III
Janet    Lynch        Work on Papers
Catherine    MacDiarmid        Personal Space: Spin
Maureen    Mace        Garden of Delights II
Caroline    Mackintosh        Marshlands
Zsuzsa    Magyarosi        Curiosity
Diane    Mainzer        Crow and Carrion in Storm Arwen
Diane    Mainzer        Crow in Storm Arwen above the River Don
Diane    Mainzer        Tree Blasted by Storm Arwen
Joanne    Makin        Birthday
Elizabeth    Makinbradshaw    SWA    Wild Orchids
Elizabeth    Makinbradshaw    SWA    Cornish catch
Eleni    Maragaki    MA, MRSS    99 Landscapes
Lucy    Marks    SWA, ARWS    Polperro Beach
Lucy    Marks    SWA, ARWS    Talland Beach Near Polperro
Lucy    Marks    SWA, ARWS    Talland Beach Yellow Parasol
Lucy    Marks    SWA, ARWS    Talland Beach Fun
Kayla    Martell    SWA    L is for the way you look at me
Kayla    Martell    SWA    Sneakers for breakfast
Kayla    Martell    SWA    Whatever our souls are made of
Yasmine    Martinez        As Still As Can Be
Judit    Matthews        Girls' Weekend
Nicki    Mayne        Reflections in green
Jennie    McCall        Nia
Jennie    McCall        Solasta
Anne    McCormack    RI, SWA    Dartington Bowl II
Anne    McCormack    RI, SWA    It must be Spring
Ruth    McDonald    SWA    Weeping Moongold
Karen    Mcendoo        Balancing Stork
Karen    Mcendoo        Climbing Horse
Mary    McFadden        Hidden Fresco
Mary    McFadden        Blue Moon Bird
Emma    Mclachlan        Meet Me Under The Clock
Helen    Merrigan Colfer    ASWA    Daisy Chained - Hybrid
Harriet    Merry    ASWA    WTF! Yuck. Whatevs
Harriet    Merry    ASWA    Self Portrait with Tetrapak in Blue
Harriet    Merry        Bathroom Mirror
Beryl    Miles        Boardwalk
Zelga Simone    Miller        Tight Rope
Rosemary    Miller    PVPSWA    The wildflower meadow
Rosemary    Miller    PVPSWA    Spring, River Mole
Rosemary    Miller    PVPSWA    Spring,River Wey
Paula    Mitchell        Lets Dance
Paula    Mitchell        The Early Bird
Jane    Molineaux Boon        Reflections - self portrait on a train
Emma Louise    Moore    RSS    He went back to a climate more congenial to his cold stony soul
Emma Louise    Moore    RSS    Is this it?
Jane    Morgan    ASWA    March 2020
Jane    Morgan    ASWA    Temptation
Jane    Morgan    ASWA    Strawberry Sunday
Tina    Morgan    SWA    Market in the sun, San Miquel
Tina    Morgan    SWA    Two red buckets
Anne    Moses        Under Cover
Ali    Mulroy    SWA    Selah
Ali    Mulroy    SWA    Holly
Sara    Myers    SWA    Orpheus
Sara    Myers    SWA    Eurydice
Sara    Myers    SWA    Time and Memory
Sara    Myers    SWA    Arc of Gravity
Kristine    Nason    SWA SEA    Word on The Street
Kristine    Nason    SWA SEA    Young Pretender
Elizabeth    Nast    SWA    Huddersfield Outdoor Market
Elizabeth    Nast    SWA    High Rise
Elizabeth    Nast    SWA    Travelling Lady
Elizabeth    Nast    SWA    Delightful Deptford
Patricia    Nebbeling    OPA    Camelia in Sugar Bowl
Kate    Newington    SWA    'Orla and Red Tulips'
Kate    Newington    SWA    'Blown Away Blooms'
Kate    Newington    SWA    'Birdland'
Jean    Noble    RI, SWA    Cliff Top Walk
Jean    Noble    RI, SWA    Crossing Currents
Jean    Noble    RI, SWA    Point of View
Celia    Normand        The end of the day
Julie    Oldfield    SWA    Somber Haze
Julie    Oldfield    SWA    Oxidised fragmented blue
Julie    Oldfield    SWA    Scorched trees
Sheila    Page        Lay it Out
Ginny    Page    SWA    Broken Tulips
Ginny    Page    SWA    Broken Tulip on Gold
Ginny    Page    SWA    Rescue Mouse
Jane    Palmer        Hebe
Adrienne    Parker        Seville Plaza
Cathy    Parker        Blue Vase
Rachel    Parker    VPSWA    Beach Sunset
Rachel    Parker    VPSWA    Hilltop Village, Provence
Rachel    Parker    VPSWA    Aiguille du Midi II
Rachel    Parker    VPSWA    Aiguille Verte
Lisa    Parkyn        Pink Petal Poetry
Gina    Parr    ASWA    Alchemy II
Gina    Parr    ASWA    Alchemy IX
Theresa    Pateman        Beach Bodies 2
Sylvia    Paul        Busy Day Tokyo
Katherine    Peeke    A.A.S MA SGFA    Isolation - Afghanistan
Mary    Pelham    SWA    Boats on the River
Mary    Pelham    SWA    Mother Ivey's Bay
Mary    Pelham    SWA    Honfleur
Victoria    Perloff    SWA    Harmony
Victoria    Perloff    SWA    Diversity
Emma    Perring        Jaunty Fellows
Emma    Perring        Summer Last
Maddie    Phipps        Una Casa en Sollér [3]
Jane    Pine        Burden Of Truth
Jane    Pine        Presence Of Light
Joanne    Powell    RBSA, SWA    Across the Fields, September Evening
Kathy    Prest    SWA    Earth Dancer
Kathy    Prest    SWA    Grace
Deborah    Pugh        Out of the Darkness and Into the Light
Emma    Rach-Syslak        Alek in Profile
Audrey    Rapier        The Bench, Villa Melzi Gardens, Bellagio, Italy
Audrey    Rapier        View of the Cornish Coast
Cathy    Read    SWA    Rendezvous at the V and A
Cathy    Read    SWA    Keeper of the Gates
Katherine    Reekie    SWA    Construction with blue bottle
Katherine    Reekie    SWA    Construction near Rye refinery
Katherine    Reekie    SWA    Construction at Rye Harbour
Wendy    Rhodes        May the Path Rise Up to Meet You
Wendy    Rhodes        Let the Shadows Slip Away
Rebecca    Ritchie        Copper Jug, Roses & Red Grapes
Rebecca    Ritchie        Muscat Grapes & Teacup
Rosalind    Robinson    RWA SWA    Serendipity
Maggie    Robinson    SWA    The melody that creates the harmony
Maggie    Robinson    SWA    Refresh the heart with nature's music
Maggie    Robinson    SWA    The poetry of music
Maggie    Robinson    SWA    The silent songs of nature
Barbara    Robjant    ASWA    The Chilterns in late spring
Barbara    Robjant    ASWA    Lots of Pots
Sue    Roe        Dancing
Emily    Rogers        Zagara
Lauren    Ross        I Am Half-Sick of Shadows
Abby    Ross        Fonzi
Christine    Roychowdhury    ASWA    Rivers of Blood
Christine    Roychowdhury    ASWA    The journey
Christine    Roychowdhury    ASWA    Pink
Christine    Roychowdhury    ASWA    Me Too
Christine    Russell    SWA    A Pot Full of Cherries
Christine    Russell    SWA    Pansies with Sloes
Christine    Russell    SWA    On the Vine
Christine    Russell    SWA    Pit-Fired Jug with Apples
Carol    Ryder        Gold Stripe
Carol    Ryder        Zoom Call
Anita    Saunders        Girls' Day Out
Fiona    Scott        Pink Summer
Serena    Searight        Crossing The Road - Marks
Adrienne    Seed        The Poisoned Parrot
Svetlana    Semenova    ASWA    Arnold with a Gold Earring
Svetlana    Semenova    ASWA    Glimpses of Tomorrow
Jennie    Sharman-Cox        Enclosure
Jennie    Sharman-Cox        Subcutaneous
Liz    Shippam        Blackthorn I
Janine    Shute        Tea Sifter Spoon
Elina    Siddal        Blackbirds & Thrushes
Victoria    Sills        Mum, Aged 81
Helen    Sinclair    MRSS, PSWA    Angel of Forgotten Dreams
Helen Sinclair    MRSS, PSWA    Still Sitting
Helen Sinclair    MRSS, PSWA    Solo
Helen Sinclair    MRSS, PSWA    A Song That Echoes
Anne Skinner        The Artist"s Studio
Dr. Linda Smith    PPSWA    200 Years of the RNLI
Lucille Smithson        5.30pm
Solly Solomon        She Will Never Love You'
Christine Southworth    SWA MAFA    Saffron
Elena Sparke        Rose Perpetual' Artist Book Miniature Textile Sculpture 
Jemima Spence        Newborn
Karen Stamper    ASWA    Selvedge
Karen Stamper    ASWA    Tip Top
Felicity Starr        A Yellow-Tailed White Cockatoo
Felicity Starr        Magnolia in Bloom
Felicity Starr        Limes
Felicity Starr        Picasso and Pinecone
Varvara Stern        Sisters
Morag Stevenson    DA SWA    Quails Eggs
Morag Stevenson    DA SWA    Chinoiserie and Pears
Morag Stevenson    DA SWA    Forget Me Not
Kate Stone        Cup Stack
Pamela Stone    ASWA    Five A day
Pamela Stone    ASWA    Young leopard
Nicola Stratton Tyler    ASWA    Under the crane, Felixstowe
Nicola Stratton Tyler    ASWA    Under the crane, diffused light
Nicola Stratton Tyler    ASWA    Money plant in winter light
Nicola Stratton Tyler    ASWA    Red geranium, August
Janette Summerfield    RBSA SWA    Early Morning
Janette Summerfield    RBSA SWA    To understand the landscape
Sandra Summers    SWA SBA fellow    Amaryllis with Gold orange
Elizabeth Pybus Sutton        Orchard Apples in a Bowl II
Elizabeth Pybus Sutton        Wild Pomegranates
Lois Sykes    SOFA    Meditation
Lois Sykes    SOFA    The Barn Cat
Gabriela Szulman        Game On
Gabriela Szulman        The Go Between
Raha Tabar        Sara
Christine Taherian    SWA    CASA RURAL
Helen A Taylor    MA. ASGFA. ASWA    Bred in Captivity, Sheffield Beauties - 1
Helen A Taylor    MA. ASGFA. ASWA    Bred in Captivity- Sheffield Beauties - 2
Helen A Taylor    MA. ASGFA. ASWA    Bred in Captivity, Sheffield Beauties - 3
Lotta Teale        Early Morning Cypresses
Lotta Teale        Yellow roses by the steps
Efua Thomas        Older Woman
Annabel    Thornton    BA, SWA, ASEA    Point to Point 1
Annabel    Thornton    BA, SWA, ASEA    Point 2 Point 2
Justine Lois Thorpe SWA    Red Rip
Justine Lois Thorpe SWA    Undertow
Justine Lois Thorpe SWA    Drift Along
Justine Lois Thorpe SWA    Salt Air
Penelope Timmis ARBSA. SWA.    Happy
Penelope Timmis ARBSA. SWA.    Flight
Penelope Timmis ARBSA. SWA.    In the Pink
Rachel Toll        Crow Black
Ann Tomlin        String Theory
Diane Urwin SWA    Ice Bucket and Lemon
Diane Urwin SWA    Water Jug and Lemon
Diane Urwin SWA    Ginger Jar
Diane Urwin SWA    Apricots and Jug
Veronica Valeri        Sacrifice
Louise Ventris        Albion Night
Cristina Vercesi        Whispers
Carol Wagstaff        Why I
Lucinda Wait        Festival Girl
Lucinda Wait        Ted
Lucinda Wait        Bacon
Sue Wales        Sulight in Yellow Room
Sue Wales        The Bed
Sally Ward        Kayoon with a Yellow Cushion
Christine Watson ASWA, PS    Trikeri Steps I
Christine Watson ASWA, PS    Shadows and Steps
Liz Watts SWA    Contraflow
Liz Watts SWA    Stagman 2
Liz Watts SWA    Fact and Fiction Kintsugi
Michaela Wheater        Blue
Harriet White        Pearl
Jitrachote White        Identity
Jitrachote White        Connection
Claire Wiltsher        Winter Remains
Rosie Winn        Joy is Fleeting
Rizza Zahid        B16
Rizza Zahid        B66
Linda Zelin SWA    Seascape I
Amira Zeloof        New Movement

YAI Students works 
Tiffany Mak               Heatherleys                   Scattering
Cristina Carboserio    Heathfield School           Foodbinding
Amber Ingram           Heathfield School           Storm
Bella Walker             Heathfield School            Corsets
Lara Kimmins            Heathfield School            Coral Bleaching
Ella Sun                    Heathfield School            Syensetisa
Morgan Gibbs          Orleans Park School         Paris, July 2023
Isabella Murphy        Heatherleys                     A Wifes Apprehension


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