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SWA Artists Rosalind Robinson Makes a Unique Gift

Rosalind Robinson has gifted the striking landscape to the Old Silk Works day club in Warminster.

Her 6ft mural panel now hangs in the club’s indoor garden area, allowing club members to gaze out over a tranquil and familiar vista of rolling Wiltshire down land.

I wanted to use a local landmark and for the view to be a recognisable and familiar landscape. I put some little birds and flowers in the front. If someone is sitting at the table then can ponder on those things and they can relate to it, and lose themselves in it.

“When I saw they had a whippet at the club I knew I would have to include him. So I painted a statue of a whippet, with hairline cracks to show he is in stone. He is looking out at the view, rather than looking back at the viewer, and so directs your attention towards the view.”

She added: “I was really pleased to be able to do this. You never know who is going to be affected by dementia. It could be any one of us and I wanted to do this as my way of helping the charity.”

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