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Gina Parr SWA has Sri Mangala selected for RWA Bristol Show Open Photographic Exhibition

"Sri Mangala" is from a Series of Photographs taken in Sri Lanka in 2019 and Exhibited at Renata Maiblum Gallery, Copenhagen. When she is traveling and away from her painting studio, Parr uses a camera as her way of ‘painting’ whilst on the move, Often mistaken as reproductions of her paintings, her photographs are original limited edition pieces.

Renata Maiblum says of Parr's work: Gina Parr's approach is a microcosm of surface, fragments of diversity founded on variety of exteriors; some human made, others adopting form by natural causes. Their very strong presence lends them the appearance of enlarged particles, those vibrant atoms of the country. The images exist by themselves, without need for definitions or description and, with their tactile and lively texture, seem as paintings. Parr removes from the viewers the possibility of knowing what the images really are; and her practice is to expose a world of illusions where the viewer self experiences the works purely by their visuality and not by their predeterminate definitions.

RWA Bristol Open Photographic Exhibition runs from 28th January till 1st May 2023.

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