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I aim to create artwork that portrays the female and the female form from a powerful perspective, reclaiming control of the female gaze, involves representing women in a way that defies traditional objectification and instead celebrates their strength agency and individuality, this could mean depicting women's in positions of authority, displaying confidence and showcasing diverse body types and ethnicities, it's about empowering women to define their narrative and challenging societal norms that have historically marginalised them. art is a celebration of strength, resilience and the contributions 

I have recently been focusing on painting women throughout history and in contemporary society. I strive to illuminate the stories of these powerful women who have defied society's expectations. from the forgotten trailblazers of the past to the underestimated heroes of today my work seeks to honour their courage and amplify their voices and through this I hope to inspire future generations through bold strokes and a deliberate focus on the eyes I invite the viewers to capture the raw essence of the female gaze a gaze of power, resilience and unyielding ambition.

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