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Ruth’s work reflects her interest in her local woodland landscape and the sea when illuminated by failing light and the moon to expose the traces left by past inhabitants.

Preferred sites are constantly revisited, re-worked and re-ordered with her explorations investigating beyond the evident as she seeks to reveal images as ciphers and signs of the unknown.

She works in a studio in the middle of a wood where she produces her etchings, paintings and collages.

Ruth’s gesso panels and paintings have an immediacy derived from the physicality of layering, scratching and scraping while her prints capture the essence of place, combining layers of images and memories.

Her multi-layered screen-prints are hand-printed at The Print Block on a farm overlooking the Swale Estuary.After years as a textile designer she changed direction to a Fine Artist after taking an MA in Fine Art. Her textile roots are still evident in the texture and pattern elements of her work.


Society of Woman Artists

United Society of Artists

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