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Patricia Gained a scholarship to the West Sussex College of arts and crafts and went onto study painting and life painting at the Central School of Art.

She was influenced by Bruce Barnden, Art Master at school. Then by Leslie Cole, head of painting at the Central School and lastly by French Impressionists.

Working in Oils and latterly Pastels, Producing still life, nudes and Landscapes, of scenes that range from Twickenham to St Tropez. Patricia's resulting work reflects the vibrant colours and brilliant light of the south of France.

Patricia has exhibited widely in many solo and mixed exhibitions, has been accepted in the R.A summer exhibition and recently made a member of the Society of Women Artists. Some of her paintings are in private collections in the USA, Europe and in the UK.

Her original paintings are now available to purchase for your home or business.

In addition some pictures have been reproduced as limited edition high quality giclee prints.

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