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Pamela Jones is an award-winning figurative ceramic artist who lives and works in Wales. After spending over a decade in London as an actress, notably, at the National Theatre and The Peter Hall Company, she moved to America with her family before returning to Wales where she studied ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Pamela`s formative career, alongside her love of art history, especially the Baroque, informs her dramatic narrative works. Her intention is to portray the human condition and engage with the present through historical, political, and cultural perspectives that are captivating and thought provoking.

Pamela admires the artistry, skill, and precision of miniature art, and aims to emulate this through detailed and intricate modelling with porcelain. The contrast of working in miniature, while pushing the limits of porcelain, to achieve a translucency and quality is a skill she has attempted to master from years of trial and error. The whole process begins with an idea, research and gathering of information until a narrative develops. Although this appears a methodical approach, spontaneity often emerges allowing for further insight and change. The pieces are meticulously hand built, modelled, and adorned with symbols which augment the meaning of the work.

Whilst studying for her ceramic’s degree, Pamela developed different skill sets enabling her to make her own plinths and bases through slip casting with earthenware and porcelain, often using moulds that she has made herself. She occasionally uses under glazes, decals, and lustres and sometimes the work is fired several times. More recently, mixed media has been introduced as an additional element of the work.

Pamela exhibits her work nationally and internationally, is a commissioned artist, and an associate member of The Society of Women Artists and The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers. Until recently she taught ceramics before retiring to concentrate on her ceramics practice full time.

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