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"... I wish I could make my paintings less busy, but that is impossible, as I feel that our world has lost its focus, the priorities are out of sync: Nothing is simple or easy to decode, so I make the canvas suffocate in lots of meanings or meaningless details. .... "


A Hungarian born british artist, Orsi trained as a photographer, studied at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary and received a Master’s Degree in graphic arts in 2000.

She spent 10 years travelling around Europe, living in Romania, Greece and Switzerland, spending time in Egypt, before moving to London.

Orsi’s practice is inspired by the visual legacy of the Avantgarde: works heavily laden with symbolism, irony and drama. During her university years she turned from pure monochrome towards the use of colours in her works, and later choosing oil and acrylic paint as her preferred medium. Orsi’s paintings with dream-like figuralism and shifted dimensions create a special, dreamlike quality; directing the attention to different interpretations of the mundane. Her works are increasingly leaning towards abstraction and her subject is often drawn from present time events, led by a deep desire to speak up and also to escape.


Orsi also was a member of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists (MAOE) from 1999 until its recent governmental reorganisation and dismantling.


Orsi has exhibited with galleries and at major art shows in London, Zurich and Budapest. Her work can be found in public collections in Hungary and in private collections all around the world.

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