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Moira’s sculpture, though created through close observation, also conveys the inner qualities from both sitter and sculptor.  Thus each piece is an individual creation and not simply the reproduction of an image.  Though her work includes animals, the focus remains the study of the surfaces and movement in the simple human form.

She received the America Square Conference Centre Award for her “Male Torso” at the SWA annual exhibition in 2010.
Moira’s first experience of modelling in clay was at school in Edinburgh but it was many years before she was able to return to sculpture. During 2005-2006 she attended a course in clay modelling and casting at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield.  In 2008 after moving to Dorset she set up her own studio and now devotes much of her time to sculpting.  Her sculptures are largely cast in bronze resin with a few available in bronze.

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