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Margaret has been a member of the Society of Women Artists since 1998 and has exhibited with the society every year, either at Westminster on more recently at the Mall Galleries.  In 2009 she won the Award for the most original painting - “ Shadwell Dock”

She is also a member of the SBA ( Society of Botanical Artists ) and the SGFA (Society of Graphic Fine Art ) of which she is a council member.  She has exhibited with the RI at the Mall Galleries and the RWS at Bankside Gallery.

Margaret qualified as a teacher in North London and taught for many years in Surrey schools, at both Junior and Secondary levels. She continued to draw and paint in her spare time and exhibited with local art groups. All her work has a strong emphasis on drawing. 

She now teaches watercolour painting and drawing to adults in Sutton, Surrey, demonstrates to art groups and takes workshops in ink drawing and painting.  Email:

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