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The earth has music for those who will listen’

Maggie’s bold contemporary landscapes are inspired by her early years growing up in the North Yorkshire Moors in a large musical and artistic family and it is this upbringing that has been the strongest influence in the development of her work.

Her approach to creating her landscape paintings is to view each scene, not for the actual subject matter, but for the musical qualities that she can sense in any chosen scene and to focus on that aspect rather than producing a figurative representation of it. This means she is looking for melodies, harmonies and rhythms, not only in the visible layout of a scene but also to sense those qualities too in the mood and atmosphere of the day. Through her exciting use of colour and expressive mark making she aims to create paintings that lean towards the abstract but still cling in essence to the actual place so that the viewer has some recognisable features to which they can relate.

Her well known ‘Music of the Landscape‘ series now consists of over five hundred paintings and many of them are hanging in private collections across the UK, Europe and the USA. In addition to which, she is now producing another series entitled ‘In Harmony’ a blended unity of earth and sky’ which retains her vision for viewing the landscape through the eyes of a musician but where she concentrates on creating a harmonious relationship particularly between the earth and the sky.

Maggie currently lives in Sheffield so that she has access to many beautiful areas of the country. She was elected as a member of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 and has been a council member for the past three years. Her work is shown in several prestigious Northern galleries from Derbyshire up to Glasgow.

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