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Liz is a sculptur and cermicist working primarily in porcelain and bronze.

Liz trained and worked as a vet for a number of years before moving to France where she studied sculpture and ceramics at l’Atelier des Beaux-Arts Henri Matisse in Creil, Picardie.

She was also taught porcelain over glaze painting techniques by crafts women in Chantilly.

Liz has a particular passion for porcelain, both for its flexibility with shape and form and the canvas it creates onto which colour can be applied generously.

She creates designs which she carves into rolling pins to create relief patterns and then forms shapes freely with the patterned rolled clay sheets. She then freehand paints the surfaces.

Liz often exhibits her work in installation formats, painting a picture with the pieces, these ‘pictures’ have included a beach, a banquet, a garden and a bedroom.

These have been shown in venues including at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Valentines Clays, Stoke on Trent (where she has work in their permanent collection of contemporary ceramics); Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Society and at ‘Art in Clay’ Hatfield House.

Setting a theme stimulates ideas for original pieces and then the challenge follows of how to make the idea work.

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