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Katherine Reekie is an well established surrealist painter. Originally from London she studied fine art at Camberwell College.

She is now based in Hastings, East Sussex, an environment rich in contrasts and eccentricities and the inspiration for much of her work.

Her imagery, which is often described as accessible but slightly unnerving, is the product of an excellent grounding in traditional figurative art practise, and an interest in the strange and surreal. Her current work explores the surrealist nature of painting itself, strange structures pinned and pulled, interact with organic matter to create intriguing and seductive compositions. 

Through her skilled use of oil paint she has the ability to create the illusion of believable form and space. Like props on a stage she arranges her subject matter to evoke a sense of order and purpose. However on closer inspection the viewer might question the logic of these often unfamiliar forms.

Her intention is not to depict reality but to nudge people to question and consider it.

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