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Kate studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Working from her studio in a converted Welsh Chapel she creates elaborate mixed media pieces – investigations into the human condition through a series of imagined portraits.


Endlessly fascinated with how and why society functions, what ‘rules’ we accept to live by, where they are subverted and who among us is brave enough to pay them no heed. Working in series, her paintings often investigate socio-political themes using historical comparisons to highlight contemporary issues. Using the form of narrative portraiture the images are intended to ask of the viewer “Where do I fit in?” and subsequently “Where do you?” and ultimately “Are we all sitting comfortably?”.


Her work has been described as “subversive, heretical, beautiful, chaotic, surprising, highly weird, spontaneous, and deeply joyful all at the same time.”

Kate is currently represented by The Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff . She has work held in private and public collections including Oriel Y Bont, University of South Wales, and Mazuranic-Brlic-Ruzic Library and Collection, Croatia, and has an increasing following of international collectors from Lisbon to California.

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