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Julie's subtle and sensitive work is her unique view of life. She can be found outside painting and drawing in the landscape, where she observes figures, trees, the sea, the horizon and the ever changing feeling of the elements. She combines abstraction with reality and freedom with control. Then it is in the studio that she develops her paintings. Her aim is to share a very personal view of reality and create paintings that tell a story. The subtle layers of paint in her work owe much to the ancient frescoes she has studied in Italy and Greece.

Julie has received numerous awards for her work including ING Discerning Eye, Royal Watercolour Society, and has twice been awarded the prestigious 1st prize for Watercolour at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. She is author of six art books and has been a freelance writer for the Artist magazine since 1999. Julie studied painting at the University of Reading in the early 1980's and was taught by many of our most celebrated artists of today.

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