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Judith Barton was born in West London and educated at Ashford Grammar School, Inspired by her artist mother Roberta, Judith was encouraged in the arts from an early age. She attended Twickenham Art School, before joining a group of Portrait painters from London, they studied together for almost a decade, working successfully both in England and abroad.

Since the age of 18, Judith has worked both on exhibition and commissioned work, earning her first exhibition acclaim at 18 with a painting entitled 'The Toy Maker', which made the headlines of the local newspaper. Since then Judith has encompassed the arts as a whole and teaches Painting, Drama, and the speaking of Verse and Prose, for which she has received much acclaim over the years and won numerous prizes and awards including the Lucas Award for Portraiture, The Island Art Society People's Choice Award, The Society of Women Artists President and Vice President Choice Award and The Society of Women Artists People's Choice Award.

Judith exhibits regularly at the Mall Galleries, both with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the The Society of Women Artists. In 2008 Judith had two works hung in the ground breaking FBA Threadneedle Figurative Prize, when just 61 artists were selected from a submission of over 2,800 works.

Judith works from her studio's both on the Isle of Wight and in Brittany, where she explores and endeavours to communicate the expressive emotion of animals and people.

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