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Internationally renowned watercolourist Jean Haines SWA is well known for her passion for working in her favourite medium, watercolour. Having lived and travelled in many countries this popular artist has had the opportunity to develop her skills creating incredible paintings whilst under the influence of masters from many countries including Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Living in China was a time when studying brush control had the greatest impact on the evolvement of Jeans style. Later working with artists from India and Pakistan introduced vibrant colours in her results compared to her previous more quiet watercolours created whilst living in Europe.

The combination of East meets West in her style is unavoidable and to be enjoyed. Free flow of colour along with no fear of working directly, minus the use of a preliminary sketch, leads Jean to amazing results that often leave viewers of her work in awe. Light and the use of vibrant shades, along with the ability to take an ordinary subject and turn it into an extraordinary painting is what many artists aspire to achieve in their results. Furthermore Jean has the ability to install enthusiasm and inspirational motivation in all around her.

Paintings by Jean can be found in homes all over the world. Favourite subjects becoming increasingly collectible worldwide. Haines' workshops sell out worldwide such is the popularity of her style and unique teaching methods. Jean also judges major art exhibitions internationally.

Jean,a member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists, won the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award in 2009 where her work was likened to Joseph Crawhalls from the famous Glasgow Boys. Her most recent work has been likened to the style of Turner, an accolade indeed. She regularly writes for leading art magazines and exhibits in a number of established galleries.

Author of best selling international books including "Atmospheric Watercolours" , "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" ,"Paint Yourself Calm" and "Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour" have added to the energising inspiration and accolades of this highly in demand professional artist. Jean's books are now published in Chinese, Russian, Spanish , Italian and French.

Described as a "Breath of Fresh Air" on the art scene. This artists' enthusiasm is both catching and addictive. "A joy to be around". No home is complete without a "Haines" original.

“Jean Haines: A favourite artist with a unique style and an ever growing following of watercolour fans. A popular artist of today and a memorable artist of the future.”

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