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Helen M. Stevens has been a member of the Society since the 1980's shortly after the opening of her studio, having been invited to join, as one of the very few members (at that time) working in a textile medium. Since then, when the Society was still exhibiting at Central Westminster Hall, she has also had her work shown in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and on the Continent.


Working in the medium of pure silk and precious metal thread, her embroidered studies have fetched in excess of £3,000 for large pieces - but she also feels it important to create work work which can retail at "pocket entry" level, allowing new collectors and the less financially endowed to own her work.


She has had 12 books published (full details on her website),beginning with the best selling "Embroiderer's Countryside" in the early 1990's which was described as "... the definitive book on English nature rendered in textile art". She won the Needlework Book of the Year award later in he decade. She has lectured and taught Masterclasses worldwide and currently is involved with numerous charitable projects.

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