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Harriet is an artist and printmaker who started printmaking as a way to develop themes taken from her daily observational drawings. Often preferring artists’ sketches to finished paintings, she is constantly searching for ways to retain the light spontaneity of sketching but simultaneously evolve her sketchbook work. Influenced by (amongst others) Hockney, Rembrandt, Kollwitz, Neel and Dürer she draws primarily from from life, and depicts her family and surroundings, daily life, the people she lives and works with, and often herself; she is especially fascinated by how the same subject matter can be repeated again and again, rendering new projects and representations.


Working with drypoint, etching and aquatint, she is currently exploring new areas of printmaking using recycled materials, such as tetrapak and kitchen lithography. Her art has featured in magazines including Artists’ and Illustrators’ Magazine, Contemporary Collage Magazine and Pressing Matters, been recently displayed with the Mall Galleries, RBSA and Ironbridge and she was also a contestant on Sky’s Portrait Artist of the Year in 2022.

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