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Anne was elected to the SWA (Society of Women Artists) in 1994 and has served as Vice President for two years. In addition to being widely pursued by many independent galleries around the country, her work has achieved much recognition by the major and celebrated art societies with work selected by the RI (Royal Institute of Watercolourists) RWS (Royal Watercolour Society) ROI (Royal Institute of Oil Painters) and the RA Summer exhibition.

Further acknowledgement of Anne's talent has come from judging panels. Her paintings won 'Best in Show' at both the SWA and on four occasions at the annual Hertford Art Society open exhibitions.

Following a 100% acceptance of submissions at the RI 2006 open exhibition, Anne achieved further glory by winning the award for the 'Best Figure Work'.

At the 2007 exhibition Anne's work was again accepted and this resulted in her election as a member of the Royal Institute of Water colourists.

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