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Ann Blockley is a  renowned watercolour artist with an individual style. developed over thirty years of professional painting. Her pictures are evocative ,atmospheric and intuitive .She regards her work as on gong process of experimentation and although not losing sight of the magic of the watercolour wash, her current work  stretches the boundaries of the medium, sometimes using a gesso surface or techniques such as collage to create unique images.

 Ann has a worldwide reputation for flower painting but her landscapes and animals are now also collector’s items following the launch of her sixth book, ‘Watercolour Textures‘ in 2007. In her flower pictures, Ann uses painterly textures, marks and edge values and she continues to explore these qualities in her other subjects. 

She is currently working on a new innovative book due to be published by Anova books in June 2011. A series of articles for the Artist magazine will begin in May 2011. She has written for Leisure Painter for 15 years.

Ann has established a reputation as an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher at the workshops she holds near her home in Gloucestershire and on painting holidays abroad. She has two teaching films available as dvds published by APV films.

Ann’s father was the inspirational artist G John Blockley RI PPPS RWA (1921-2002) .



Gloucestershire College of Art and Design: Foundation year

Brighton University: Graphic Design and Illustration BA Hons

A selection of Galleries/Exhibitions

John Blockley Gallery, Stow on the Wold 1985-1995

Swell Gallery, Stow on the Wold 1996-2008 annual solo exhibitions

Manor House Gallery, Chipping Norton 2006 3 man show

RWA ,Bristol, May 2008 solo exhibition

Affordable Art Fair London 2008 and 2009

Affordable Art Fair Bristol, May 2009

Marine House Gallery, Beer, Devon 2009/2010

Manor House Gallery, Chipping Norton 2009/2010

Mall Galleries, RI 2000

Mall Galleries, RI 2009

Mall Galleries, RI 2010

SWA 2010: Elected as full member


Painting holidays

Andalucian Adventures 2006

Panfili in Italy 2007 and 2008

Mas-Saurine in France 2009 and 2010



Learn to paint the countryside: Harper Collins

Learn to paint Farm Animals: Harper Collins

Country Flowers in watercolour Harper Collins

Flower Painting through the Seasons: Harper Collins

Learn to paint Country Flowers: Harper Collins

Watercolour Textures: Harper Collins

Articles for Leisure Painter Magazine1993-2008



Flowers in Watercolour: APV Films

Flower Painting through the Seasons: APV Films

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