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A narrative artist who paints idiosyncratic pictures from imagination. These paintings are design conscious in their composition whilst communicating subtle meanings. Thoughts are captured and distilled in designs as much in the negative space as in the space they occupy.

Angela is inspired by people, light, motion, natural shapes and reflections. For the works using acrylic, many layers of paint are applied,, building complex overlays and edges that work with figures in motion to create a composition where everything is transitory and fluid. When working in oils, shape and composition are the primary tools, trying hard to keep the work simple and succinct.

"I like the sense of depth I can get from these techniques and the way light, shape and colour make the focus and the drama".

One of the things that currently interests Angela is the depiction of unspoken communication. As only a small amount of our interaction between people, people and animals and people and nature is verbal – a great deal is communicated through gestures and body language.

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