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I was born and raised in Northern California and came to London when I was 18. I have a BA (Hons) in painting from Chelsea College of Art and an MA in drawing from Wimbledon School of Art.


My painting has its roots in magical realism, feminism, fairy tales, and the women of Surrealism. It is about the female experience and giving birth to inner worlds. I take heed in the feminist adage 'the personal is political'. My work is about overcoming domestic abuse, from not having a voice to learning to speak, making the invisible visible and creating truth to power. Often my paintings are like diary entries- I use the elements of automatic drawing, collage, and storytelling to piece together an image that feels as truthful and as freeing as I can possibly make it.


A few of my biggest influences are Paula Rego, the costume collection at the V&A, Vogue magazine, Sarah Lucas, Vivienne Westwood, the films of Yorgos Lanthimos, the movies Cabaret and Pretty in Pink, Tim Walker, and always Alice in Wonderland.


I has recently exhibited in London, Chichester, and Eastbourne.

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