The Society of Women Artists

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Patron: HRH Princess Michael of Kent - President: Sue Jelley

Exec.Secretary: Rebecca Cotton Click here to email Tel: 0752 8477002

SWA Exibition Winners

The Frank Herring & Sons Easel Award Mary St. George James S Whistler
'The Artist' Editor's Choice Award Anne Blankson Hemans 'The Tomato Seller;
HRH Princess Michael of Kent Award Maureen Davies ‘Glimpse of the Abbey’
The Caron Keating Art Award Debby Faulkner-Stevens ‘Body of Work’
Artifolk Award Sarah Ball ‘Nature Morte’
Premium Art Brands Special Award For a Young Artist Kate Morgan 'Chameleon'
London Art Co Uk Special Sculpture Prize Dee Stanford 'Sovereignty of Women'
St. Cuthberts Mill Award ‘Curioso’ by Cathy Spearing
The Derwent Award Vanessa Jayne ‘The Power of Imagination’
The Barbara Tate Award Christine Southworth ‘Body of Work’
The Great Art Award Henrietta Abel Smith 'Dodger'
Patsy Whiting SWA Roses on a Socket Set Jackson's Visitors Award.
Winsor & Newton Fine Art Award Cath Inglis 'Robin, Artist, Poet and Writer'
Rosemary & Co. Art Prize Sarah Kayci Curtis 'Anna Pavlova'
London Art Co Uk Prize Angela Gordon Webb 'Life Is'
President and Vice-Presidents Choice Gill Brown ‘Body of Work’

Mall Galleries, London, SW1

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