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Non members who missed digital submission can still bring in work for selection on hand in day 28th July 2018

Please bring work to 17 Carlton house Terrace, between 10am and 3pm due to a cycling event happening on this day which could cause access issues later. 

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M Purver WOMAN 5 smaller

Back in 2017 I was commissioned to produce a sculpture to help to highlight the problem of women dying in childbirth and the results of the WOMAN Trial (World Maternal Antifibrinolytic Trial). The International research study WOMAN shows that a low-cost, drug called tranexamic acid could save the lives of thousands of women a year if given quickly to new mothers who suffer deadly bleeding. Severe bleeding after childbirth, or post-partem haemorrhage, kills around 100,000 new mothers each year (or one woman approximately every 6 minutes).

Orsi Cowell Lehoczky Seaside GodessAnother Kind of Armageddon I-III (Seaside Goddess) by Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky.

I was pleased to hear that yesterday the Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042. The commitment is part of the government's 25-year plan to improve the natural environment and I hope it is the first step towards a more robust attack on plastic on a governmental level. (Says my optimistic side, as I am tired of all those negative vibes...)

Belinda Tong

 We are delighted to announce that Belinda Tong has been made an Honourary Member of the Society of Women Artists. Congratulations and thank you for all you have done for the society.



Angela Brittains Artists & Illustrator article pic

As a result of the SWA exhibition this year, Angela Brittain SWA was approached by Artists & Illustrators Magazine to feature in the August edition as one of the three artists in the "Fresh Paint" series.