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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I’m absolutely delighted that my two red-haired girls have made it onto the walls of the ROYAL ACADEMY SUMMER EXHIBITION . There were more than 12,000 entries this year, so it’s quite astonishing to me that they managed to get through. I’m looking forward very much to attending the Varnishing Day on the 31st May. The exhibition opens to the public on June 10th and closes on August 12th.

‘It’s Our Turn’ oil on panel 40 x 3040 x 30cmcm

In my recent work I’ve become interested in the tensions and the emotional implications created by the way we position ourselves physically in relation to others.  I want to explore the possibilities of recreating those tensions within a painting.

The two closely-linked figures in my painting ‘It’s Our Turn’ suggests a firm, perhaps exclusive friendship. Having taken possession of the ball, the women are not about to return it to play anytime soon.

We don't see the object of their gaze and can only guess at what lies beyond the edge of the picture.

For me, the excitement of producing art is inextricably linked to my preoccupation with expressing the complexity of human interaction within the context of a figurative painting.

Please visit my websites for more information about my work.

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