Patron: HRH Princess Michael of Kent
President: Soraya French 
Exec. Secretary: Rebecca Cotton
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London art sculpture Diane Lawrenson Bronte sisters
London Art Co Uk Sculpture Prize
Diane Lawrenson
'Bronte sisters'
London art Patsy whiting rosieandwrench
'Rose and Wrench'
Patsy Whiting
Jacksons Visitors Choice Award
Winsor Newton Anne blankston hemens Marjorelle gardens
Winsor and Newton Fine Art Award
Anne Blankson-Hemans
'Majorelle Gardens'
Frank herring Irene lees why I was never a dancer
Frank Herring and Son
Irene lees
'Why I was never a dancer'
Picture craft The Trapeze Artist Rosa Sepple
Picture Craft Publishing Prize
Rosa Sepple
'The Trapeze Artist'
The artist Catherine beale The Butterfly house
'The Artist' Editors Choice Award
Catherine Beale
'The Butterfly house'

Great art linda smith lest we forget
Great Art Award
Linda Smith
'Lest we forget'
Presidents VPredisdents award hazel reeves Mercy
President & Vice President Award
Hazel Reeves
Rosemary and co Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky body
Rosemary & Co Art Award
Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky
'Body of Work'

London art Patsy whiting rosieandwrench
London Art Co Uk
Patsy Whiting
Rosie and wrench'
Barabara tate Shelia vaughan
Barbara Tate Award
Shelia Vaughan
'Body of Work'
HRH award Ali Lindley protective love
HRH Princess Michael of Kent Watercolour Award
Ali Lindley
'Protective Love'
Premium art brands Shelli graham Yuwavaj The transmutant king
Premium Art Brands Award for a Young Artist
Shelli Graham
'Yuwavaj The transmutant king'
CaronKeating Eleane Spiers Waiting
Caron Keating Memorial Art Award
 Eleane Speirs