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Born in 1948, Sue has spent over 30 years becoming an overnight success.

If you have watched Little Britain, Eastenders, My Family, Vicar of Dibley, Demons, or have seen the Helen Mirren film “The Queen”, there would have been a Sue Howells painting on show.

It all started in 1983 when she took her young daughter to a crèche at the local Adult Education centre. There was so much noise from the crèche in the yoga classes she was attending that she walked out and went to the farthest part of the centre for some peace, and stumbled upon the art classes, so she joined and after only 2 sessions she realised that this was what she was looking for, so she left the classes and stated painting at home and soon developed her own unique style.

Being a busy person by nature, Sue likes to paint in a medium that is quick, enabling a work to be finished in one session. The quickness of strokes almost let the pictures paint themselves, one stroke prompting the next. Her clients like the barmy and quirky way her paintings evolve from a splash of paint into a story in a picture. People see what they want to see, and often an imaginary scene reminds them of real life memories.

Sue works in the converted cellar in her Birmingham home and like one of her influences, L.S.Lawry, she has no idea of time or weather and there are no distractions, so she can be distanced from her surroundings to let her imagination do the work.

1984 saw her works being shown in local art galleries and repeat business grew as her work became more popular.

An invitation to join the Royal Birmingham Society go Artists followed which put Sue “on the map” in art circles and this lead to invitations to show work in London.

1999 Sue signed to a major U.K publisher, leading to sales and distribution to 300 art galleries . The word soon spread and now her work is featured on many websites.

Solo exhibitions soon followed and a documentary called “self taught artists” was filmed for the Arts Channel.

1999 saw Sue realise her life’s ambition and she opened her own gallery in Birmingham, and visitors are always welcome to see her latest works.

Named best selling Woman artist 2006/2007 and best selling living artist 2008/2009 by the Fine Art Trade Guild of Great Britain.

2010 Sue was commissioned to paint an original pice for “Help the Heroes” charity event in Birmingham.

2010 saw another commission to paint a 12ft x 5ft mural for the new cancer unit at Warwick Hospital. Sue was so touched by the work the nurses were doing that she donated her £4,000 fee back the the hospital

Pictures featured on Sainsburys and Sky Sports adverts.

Sue continues to donate pictures to Children’s Charities, local schools and Heart Research U.K

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