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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, USA, Laura has always been drawn to wild and untamed places but came to painting late, after a long career in art education.

Her approach is instinctual and process driven. There is an intention as she works, but not a plan and the painting process allows her to create chaos and then to draw this into some kind of order.

Recent paintings focus on imprints and footprints left on the land by living creatures, natural forces and time. This investigation began during a week spent at Ballinglen Arts Foundation, later followed up during a group residency.

Painting in oil and cold wax medium lends itself very well to this exploration. She uses layers of oil and cold wax medium to build up and then uncover subtleties, nuances, light and texture. In recent works Laura uses a photo transfer process to build initial layers before employing oil and cold wax medium or water based media.

Recently Laura has begun using photo transfer collage and water media in her work which is inspired by observations of the natural world.

Laura has a close association with the RWA as an Artist Network Member and has exhibited in many recent RWA open exhibitions as well as contributing regularly to the Secret Postcard Auction. She regularly exhibits with the Bath Society of Artists has also exhibited several times recently with the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours.

She is represented by Hadfield Gallery; Cheltenham and Heritage Courtyard Studios; Wells and has work in private collections in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

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