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My interest in pottery began in 1974 when I attended adult education classes. I have travelled widely in South Asia and become fascinated by the traditional potters who use the same techniques as their forebears three thousand years ago.

I have concentrated on making low fired burnished pots with firemarkings and have evolved a technique of firing in a paper kiln which produces similar effects to pitfiring.

My pots are wheel thrown or slab built and first fired to 940c in an electric kiln. They are then fired in my garden in a paper kiln surrounded by fuming agents such as salt and copper sulphate. They are finally washed and polished with beeswax.

I have conducted workshops and exhibited in India and UK. I am a member of the Society of Women Artists, London Potters and Kent Potters. I exhibit with the Kent Potters at Art in Clay, Southern Ceramic show and Ceramics S.E. I have published in Ceramic Review, Ceramics Technical and am editor of the Kent Potters Magazine.

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