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Diane studied under a professional artist/illustrator then set up her studio, and produced a variety of paintings, using acrylic paint, of still life, fruit on the bough, streetscape and landscape.

Diane is a lifelong admirer of the Old Masters. She bases her own approach on their techniques; building up her paintings, layer-by-layer, producing blended tonal shades to achieve realistic textures and surfaces for her images.

Diane, a member of the Society of Women Artists (SWA) since 1997, has held one-person exhibitions in Ireland, Southern England, the Cotswolds and NE England.

Notable achievements include

‘Best in Show’ at the Annual United Artists (UA) Exhibition in London 2001 with a still life painting

‘Best Work with a Japanese Theme’ at the Annual SWA Exhibition in 2002

Featured Artist in Biscuit Factory’s prestigious Cube Gallery in Spring 2009

Her work was featured in the 2008 Dorling Kindersley Book – ‘Acrylics Workshop II’

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